Our husbands want sex, not family planning — Lagos housewives cry out

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Mrs Sakinat Azeez will not forget in a hurry her experience with her husband the first time she tried to initiate a discussion about family planning. Sakinat said the encounter was discouraging and scary. She narrated her encounter with Good Health Weekly at one of the Primary Health Centres in Ijora.

 My story is not a pleasant one. I felt like the ground would open and swallow me. My decision to take up family planning was just to put an end to my misery, “she recounted. Sakinat admitted she was not ready to have more children, hence her quest to prevent unintended pregnancy made her raise the issue with her husband. But she was severely grilled and accused being promiscuous. “He reminded me of our religion, I was neither given opportunity to say something or even explain why we need family planning. I was almost beaten so I left the bedroom in annoyance,” she added. Daramola Adeoye, 37, had a similar story but was smarter and vowed to obtain a family planning method despite all odds. The mother of four with no meaningful livelihood, said she desired family planning after a devastating miscarriage. But her husband was opposed to the idea.
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