Family Planning: Palm Avenue, Ajaebo PHCs Record Increased Number Of Users

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

ollowing the intervention of the Nigerian Urban Reproductive Health Initiative (NURHI) in the renovation of Family Planning (FP) clinics in Lagos state, there has been increased number of FP users at Ajeabo and Palm Avenue Primary Health Centres (PHCs) in Mushin. LEADERSHIP recently visited those areas and found out that since NURHI 72 hours makeover of the FP units in some PHCs across Lagos, more women of reproductive age have come to realize the importance of FP.
Speaking with our correspondent, FP user at Ajeabo PHC, Mrs. Balogun Fausiat, disclosed that she opted for the Implanol method after she was counseled by the FP provider. “I was using this place as my general clinic and every time I come here for my baby’s immunization, a nurse would talk about FP. One day, I decided to make enquiries about the FP services. After being counseled, I was given the Implanol. The Implanol method has been good, there is no side effect.

“At first when I came for FP, I was actually scared because of the myths and misconceptions, but I decided to talk to some women in my community who educated me on the benefits of FP to my health, my family and the society at large.” As to why the sudden increase in the uptake of FP, the Senior Nursing officer at Palm Avenue Primary Health Centre, Mrs. Ilavbare Omotayo told LEADERSHIP that NURHI’s intervention in the renovation of the FP clinic of the health centre has greatly improved the accessibility and acceptance of FP in the area.
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