Family planning: New campaign targets teenagers

Sunday, September 24, 2017

A league of civil society organisations has revealed plans to launch a family-planning methods for the “visible but hard to reach” groups—mainly teenagers—in efforts to reduce high rate of unwanted pregnancies among teenagers and secure their future.
Up to seven in every 10 women who die from pregnancy related complications are teenagers below age 18, latest research shows.
At a media roundtable in Abuja, the chairman of the Association of the Advancement of Family Planning, Dr. Ejike  Oji, described teenage pregnancy  as an important public health problem that called for concern.
He said there was the need for teenagers to know how to guard against unwanted circumstances such as unwanted pregnancy to secure their future.
"Most parents live in denial. They believe that their teenagers are not sexually active. It's important to recommended family planning for teenagers who are sexually active and to make them know the implications of sexual intercourse.
"It’s sad though the rate of family planning has increased, the rate of abortion is still at increase.
“So, we have to start educating them on time to have the knowledge of family planning so that when they find  themselves in such situations they will be able to prevent unwanted pregnancies,” he said.